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This section holds hints and tips relating to the Create Document process.

Using common headers and footers

In order to reduce the number of templates that need to be edited if you have a change in "letterhead" requirements, it can be useful to keep these details in separate documents that are called by the different letter templates that you use. This could be as "header" and "footer" documents. These documents should be saved on a network drive that is accessible by any users that will be using templates.

In your templates use the INCLUDETEXT option to insert the contents from your documents as part of the header or footer. This field will need the full URL for the file that you are referencing.

The information that you want to call into a template should be positioned in the body of the document that you are calling it from, not in the actual header or footer areas of that document. It is also recommended that the content is placed in text boxes so that their position will remain unaffected by the content of your final merged document.

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