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Create Document
This section holds hints and tips relating to the Create Document process.
Document Preview
Document Preview is available in any of the Document Centres and allows you to view the first page of a document without having to open it.
Email Filing
Licensing: Identify Document Management Users
Document Management is a licensed module and access is limited based on the number of Central users that have access to Document Management functionality. This section describes how to check how many users you are licensed for and how many licences are being used.
Outlook: Accessing the Global Document Centre
The CCH Document Management Plugin for Microsoft Office allows you to access the Global Document Centre directly from Outlook, as well as from within Central.
Workflow: SMTP Configuration
Central Workflow includes automatic email functionality. In order to utilise this you need to have SMTP functionality enabled. ​ Convert doc to Email is a step that is available for Document workflows. When this step is reached in a workflow, providing that you have email addresses entered in Central, the document will be automatically converted to an email and sent. Notify By Email is an option that can be applied for any of the steps that make up a workflow.
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