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Version History contains details of the history of the document, such as the creation date and details of what was modified.

Version History

  • To open Version History, click Global Documents and then click Version History button in the Properites panel.

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In Version History right-click on a document to revert back to an earlier version of the document if needed.

Rollback to a Previous Version of a Document

The Rollback option appears in the Task Bar under Version Control:


The rollback functionality allows you to revert back to a previous version of a document.
You can highlight the document that you want to roll back and click on the Rollback option to open the Version History window.


All the versions in the document store are displayed. Select the version to be reverted to and then right click on that version to be presented with the option to Revert to this Version of the document.


A message appears asking for confirmation that you are sure that this is the version you would like to revert to. Click the Yes button to make the version selected the latest version.


A new version of the document will be created with the comment “Reverted to Version x” where x is the version the user converted from.

Note: The previously active version of the document will not be deleted.

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