Linked Documents

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    You can link related documents together and specify the relationship between them from a predefined list. For example, this might be a document received via email that you need to link with an existing document.

    Linking Documents

    Using the Add Documents Window

    When adding documents via the Add Documents window you can link them together by ticking the checkbox in the column headed DM_icon_LinkDocuments.png.

    When you click OK to upload the files you will be prompted to select the Link Type.


    Within the Document Centre

    Select the check boxes next to the documents that you want to link and then click  DM_icon_LinkDocuments.png Link Documents under Version Control on the Task Bar.


    Select the Link Type and then click OK

    Looking at Linked Documents

    The number of linked documents is shown in the linked document column.

    Linked Documents Number.png

    Click the number in the linked document column, or click Ellipsis1.png next to Linked Documents under Standard Section on the Properties panel. This will open the Linked Documents window, with the document that you opened the window from selected.


    Right click on the grid and click Show/Hide Preview to toggle the preview on or off.

    Right click on the preview image and click Detach if you want to have the preview in a separate window.

    If you want to view a read only version of a linked document, click the document name under File Name.

    If you want to remove the link between documents, select the check box next to any documents that you want to unlink and then click Unlink. Click Yes on the Unlink Documents message.