Check Out Documents

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    Before you can make changes to a document you need to check it out. By default when you open a document it is read only, which means that any changes made are not saved.

    Check Out Documents

    1. Click Global Documents and locate the document that you want to check out.
    2. Do one of the following to check out the document:
      • Right-click the document and select Check Out
      • Click Check Out under Version Control on the Task Bar.
    3. ​To open the document to edit, double-click the document name.

    Note: Check Out does not automatically open the document in the corresponding application as with Edit.

    Identifying Checked Out Documents

    When you check out a document, it is locked so that no other user can edit it until it is checked in. For further details on checking in documents see: Check In Documents. This checked out icon.png indicates checked out documents and Check out by  shows the user who has the document checked out.

    checked out by.png

    Other users can open a read only version of the same document by double-clicking it.


    If a document is opened in read only mode, the Check-Out button is enabled, so the document can be checked out for editing, without having to close the edit version first.

    If the user starts to edit a read only document, a warning message appears advising the user to check out the document prior to making any edits.


    Logoff button

    The logoff button has also been added to the header and is used to log out of the plug-in when the user is not online.

    Save on close

    When closing a document in word or excel the user is prompted to check in a document..

    The following screen will appear:


    The options are

    • Check-In - Saves, checks-in and closes the document
    • Save – Saves and closes the document but leaves it checked-out for further editing later.
    • Discard – Abandons any changes and closes the document but leaves it checked-out for future editing.
    • Cancel – Returns to editing mode without having saved or checked in the document changes.

    Note: The window only appears on closing the document or exiting word, not each time a document is saved


    Check In Documents
    After you have finished working on a document you must check it in so that others can work on the document. If you want to know how to add a document, which automatically checks it in at the same time see:  Add Document for Client or Contact.
    Undo Document Check Out
    If you mistakenly checked out a document  or you do not want to save the changes made to it then use Undo Check Out.