Check In Documents

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    After you have finished working on a document you must check it in so that others can work on the document. If you want to know how to add a document, which automatically checks it in at the same time see:  Add Document for Client or Contact.

    Check In Documents

    1. Click Global Documents and locate the document that you want to check in.
    2. Do one of the following to check in the document:
      • Right-click the document and select Check In
      • Click Check In under Version Control on the Task Bar.


    1. In Comment add details relating to the changes made to the document.
    2. To check in one or more documents, click the check box next to the document name and then click Check In. A new version of the document is created.

    Note: You can also check in documents from within MS Word and MS Excel.



    Check Out Documents
    Before you can make changes to a document you need to check it out. By default when you open a document it is read only, which means that any changes made are not saved.
    Undo Document Check Out
    If you mistakenly checked out a document  or you do not want to save the changes made to it then use Undo Check Out.