Working With Documents

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Check In Documents
After you have finished working on a document you must check it in so that others can work on the document. If you want to know how to add a document, which automatically checks it in at the same time see:  Add Document for Client or Contact.
Check Out Documents
Before you can make changes to a document you need to check it out. By default when you open a document it is read only, which means that any changes made are not saved.
Undo Document Check Out
If you mistakenly checked out a document  or you do not want to save the changes made to it then use Undo Check Out.
Linked Documents
You can link related documents together and specify the relationship between them from a predefined list. For example, this might be a document received via email that you need to link with an existing document.
Sorting and Grouping Documents
Global Document Centre and Document Centre display documents in the default order of document ID in ascending order (column heading shown as Id).
Version History
Version History contains details of the history of the document, such as the creation date and details of what was modified.
Create PDF Collection
This option allows you to collect a selection of documents together into a single PDF file. For example, you would use it to take a collection of documents relating to a client offline for reference.