Working With Document Centre

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Global Document Centre Overview
Global Document centre is the core of CCH Document Management and provides access to all stored documents stored for contacts, clients, suppliers and assignments. Some of the features of Document Centre include: creating, adding, and searching for documents. To learn more about using these and other features see: Working With Document Centre.
Document Management - Properties Panel Overview
The Properties panel displays detailed information about the selected document and provides quick access to document related tasks, such as adding the document to multiple contacts and assigning keywords. By default it is shown on the right in the Global Document Centre and Document Centre.
Document Preview
Whilst using Document centre you can preview the first page of a document.
Audit Trail
Audit Trail displays the history of changes made to the properties of a document.
Display for multiple contacts
Expand and Collapse
Expand and Collapse options have been added to all Document Centres, to enable a user to quickly locate a relevant group of documents, particularly when a search returns a large number of documents.