Workflow Integration

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    This section highlights the differences in the system when Central Workflow is installed and activated.

    Document workflows can be attached to documents via the Add Document window, the Create Document window or a Document Centre.

    Add Document

    Task allocation is replaced by workflow allocation.



    If default workflows have been set these will be used to populate the dropdown field based on the Source of the Document and the Library that is being filed to. In addition default workflows can be set for different document types.

    If you are uploading multiple documents each will have their own workflow started, but they will all be the same workflow. To use a different workflow for individual documents upload them separately. Alternatively, upload the documents together and then start the workflow from within the Document Centre.

    If different document types are being uploaded, and these have different default workflows, the default associated at library level will be used.

    If you have the appropriate permissions you can use the drop down selector to pick a different workflow.

    Adding documents to the Pending library

    Selection of the Pending library on the Add Document window will revert the Workflow selection to the Employee and Action selection. This is used to add the document to an employee's Inbox for action.

    The document can subsequently be allocated to a workflow when it is moved from the pending library to a client.

    Create Document

    The Action selection is replaced by Workflow selection.



    If the template being used has a default workflow set this will be used to populate the Workflow field.

    If you have the appropriate permissions you can use the drop down selector to pick a different workflow.

    Automatically Create Document

    A new workflow app is available which will allow a document to be automatically created as part of workflow.  This App is used in client or Application workflow to handle the creation of a document from a template.


    Select the template from the drop down and assign the step to the person or role that is responsible for checking the letter.

    Important Points to note when using this app:

    • The template selected must have a workflow attached, even if it only has one simple task to check the content of the document, otherwise the document will be created but no-one will be aware and nothing will happen to the document.
    • The person assigned to this step will be the person that the letter is From
    • The To field is populated with the client unless the template has a relationship set in the To or FAO fields, then this is the person that appears in the To field
    • The address will be the primary address for the client unless an association is used in the To field in which case it will be the primary address of the To contact
    • The signatory references the configuration key DMDefaultSignatory to determine who is the signatory for the letter
    • The Document will be filed on the assignment and using the document type specified on the template.

    The App will:

    • Create the document,
    • Attach the relevant workflow to the document
    • Treat the step owner of the Create Document step in the Client Workflow as the Workflow Owner in the Document Workflow 

    Document Centre

    Start a workflow for an existing document

    If you have an existing document that you want to put into a workflow you can do this via the Advanced Tools section of the Task Bar. Select a document in the results pane and then click the Start Workflow option to open the Start Workflow window.


    If there is a default workflow for the document type this will be selected. Click OK to start the workflow.

    If you have the appropriate permissions you can use the drop down selector to pick a different workflow.

    Note: This option is not applicable for documents that have been created using the Create Document option.

    Update a workflow status

    Documents that have workflows with open actions attached will be indicated with the icon_Task.png icon.  Click on the icon to open and complete a step.

    Where a step has been completed this will be indicated with the icon_TaskComplete.png icon.

    Updating task status on checked out documents

    If a user tries to update a task status on a document and the document is either still checked out by the user, or by another user, the following message appears and the user cannot update the task status


    Where the Document is checked out to another user, the warning will advise the name of the person.

    Home Page

    Edit Details

    The Edit Details window is used to move a document from a user's inbox (and the Pending library) to the relevant library. A workflow can be instigated from this window.


    The Workflow field will be populated based on any system defaults that have been set.

    If multiple documents are being moved then if they are all from the same source any defaults set for that source will be used to select the workflow. If they are from different sources the source will be treated as Upload for all of them.

    If you have the appropriate permissions you can use the drop down selector to pick a different workflow.