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For both the Global and the Client / Contact Document Centre, there is a new tab on the Properties Panel called Search. This replaces the Search Panel which was previously displayed at the top of the Document Centre.  When accessing the Document Centre, the Search Tab will be displayed by default.

At the top of the panel, there is a quick search facility which displays the most commonly used fields, such that the user only has to put values next to the appropriate field. For most fields the default operator is Equal, however this can be overridden. The relationship between the filters is AND, if OR is required then the user should revert to the standard Advanced search.

Client / Contact Quick Search Fields

The quick search fields available for the client/contact Document Centre are as follows:


Assignment:  The pick list is limited to those available on the client. A blank line is available to reset the search to "equals any value". The assignment line is unavailable for pure contacts as assignments are therefore not appropriate.

Job: The available fields limited to those available on the client. A blank line is available to reset the search to "equals any value". The job line is greyed out if it is for pure contacts. 

Document Date:  This field has a date picker or the user is able to manually enter a date.  Other operators such as  "is  current week/month/year" etc can also be used against this field.  The date picker includes an option for "none" to reset the search to Document Date equals any value”. 

Document Type: The available fields are a pick list limited to those available on the Client library.  A blank line to reset the search to "equals any value" is also included. 

Source: The available fields are a pick list of all available sources. A blank line to reset the search to "equals any value" is also included. 

Description: The field is a free format search field. The search is applied anywhere in the Document Description and does not need to be prefixed with D%.

Once values have been added to the relevant fields, select Search to return the results.

Note: Values are only needed against required fields, the remainder should be left blank.


Client Global Document Centre Quick Search fields

The Global Document Centre similarly has six default Fixed Fields: 

Library: The available fields are a pick list limited to those libraries where the user is able to view some or all of the document types. It includes a blank line to reset the search to "equals any value". 

Contact: If the user types in a client code, name or part of a name and uses enter or tab the Find Contacts screen launches.  An ellipses is available to go straight to the Find Contacts screen.  The client line is greyed out if the library selected is not the client library. 

Document Date, Document Type, Source and Description fields behave in the same fashion as the Client/Contact Document Centre. 





Advanced Search

The Advanced Search button is now at the foot of the Search panel. On selection, the existing advanced search loads.  Any criteria entered in the fixed search panel is carried into the advanced search. On exiting the Advanced search, the criteria is displayed as a hyperlink underneath the Quick Search Fields, which are grayed out until the advanced search is Cleared.

Search field

This is a free format field.  The principal change in Searching from previous versions, is that any values entered in this field will search within the results returned either by the Quick Search or the Advanced Search as appropriate.  If there are no values in the quick search and the advanced search has not been used, then the Search replicates the previous version. 

Clear Search button

The Clear Search button clears all searching criteria including the free format field.  The document results grid also clears. If Advanced Search has been used, then Clearing the search will reactivate the Quick Search fields

Save/Open/Edit Search

The Save Search and Open Search buttons are displayed at the foot of the Search panel. The Edit option has been moved, so that when a saved search is Opened, there is now an option to Edit the search.  This behaves in the same way as the Edit that was previously on the Task Bar.  All other behavior is the same as the previous version.














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