Basic Search

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    You have the option to perform a basic search by entering your search criteria in the Search for field at the top of the Document Centre window.

    Search for Documents

    When you perform a search, CCH Document searches the document File Name and words within a document for a match, and then displays all matching documents.


    If one or more words are entered in the Search for field then the search will return any documents that contain ALL of the words in any order or position.

    If one or more words are entered within double quotes then the search will return any documents that contain that phrase.

    You can combine the above two options to find any documents that contain a specific phrase AND certain words, e.g. "Statement of Account" 2014 will find any documents that contain the phrase Statement of Account AND the year 2014 anywhere within them.

    In addition the basic search allows you to search for a specific document Id.  Enter the text ID followed by the number, e.g. ID123, then click on Search.

    You can also search by the contents of the Description field. To do this enter the prefix D% followed by the search text e.g. D%project then click on Search.

    The Global Document Centre also provides filter fields which allow you to select which Library and/or which Document Type to look for. These fields can be used either on their own or in conjunction with criteria entered in the Search for field.


    Excluded Words

    SQL Server does not index certain words that are seen as not adding any value to a full-text index. As well as being excluded from the index they are disregarded when used in search criteria.

    The default list of words is as follows. (In addition the $ symbol, all single letters and single digits are excluded.)

    about being from into never should they were
    after between get is no since this what
    all both got it now so those when
    also but had its of some through where
    an by has just on still to which
    and came have like only such too while
    another can he make or take under who
    any come her many other than up will
    are could here me our that use with
    as did him might out the very would
    at do himself more over their want you
    be does his most re them was your
    because each how much said then way  
    been else if must same there we  
    before for in my see these well