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Basic Search
You have the option to perform a basic search by entering your search criteria in the Search for field at the top of the Document Centre window.
Advanced Search
Advanced Search allows you to specify a more detailed search utilising the metadata provided when documents are uploaded or created in CCH Document Management. The list of searchable fields also includes any custom fields and keywords.
This section details the operators that are available within the Advanced Search and how they operate.
Run Saved Searches
Clear Search Results
Edit Saved Searches
Delete Saved Search
Filters are available in the Global Document Centre to enable you to quickly locate documents within a specific library and/or of a specific document type. The filters can be used individually or together. In addition there are filters available in all Document Centres which enable you to show only documents that have been published to the portal, or to include documents that have been deleted or archived.
Search Panel
For both the Global and the Client / Contact Document Centre, there is a new tab on the Properties Panel called Search. This replaces the Search Panel which was previously displayed at the top of the Document Centre.  When accessing the Document Centre, the Search Tab will be displayed by default. At the top of the panel, there is a quick search facility which displays the most commonly used fields, such that the user only has to put values next to the appropriate field. For most fields the default operator is Equal, however this can be overridden. The relationship between the filters is AND, if OR is required then the user should revert to the standard Advanced search.