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The Add Templates window is used to add templates that have been created outside of the system.

The window works in the same way as the Add Document window and will allow you to add Word and Excel files to be used as templates.

Add Template Window Options


The fields on the window are as follows.



Library (mandatory)

Select the library that you want to add the template to.

Auto Populate 

When uploading multiple files you can complete the entries in one row and then click Auto Populate for the entries to copied to all the other rows.

The fields that are covered by Auto Populate are Template Type, Assignment Type, Document Type and Enabled.

Select Contents from Folder Tick this option if you want to upload all of the files in a selected folder, then click on the Ellipsis2.png button in the File Name field to select the folder.
Selection checkbox Used to select a record.
File Name (mandatory) Use the Ellipsis2.png button to locate the template(s) that you want to upload.
Description  Can be used to add a description of the template. If you don't fill in this field the File Name will be used.
Template Type 

The dropdown lists the types defined in Maintenance > Assignment > Assignment Templates.

This field will only be available if the selected library is the Client Filing type.

Document Type 

The dropdown lists the document types that have been associated with the selected library.

If Document Types have been associated with Assignment Templates for the Client Filing library, this field will list only the Document Types that are in the selected Assignment Template.

Merge From Reports

Allows the use of fields from a Report as merge fields within the template.

This field will be hidden if the selected library type is not Client Filing.

Enabled Defaults to ticked. If you don't want the template to be available for document creation then untick this checkbox.
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