Document Types

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    The Document Types window allows you to create document types and also enable or disable their use.

    Document Types

    The Document Types window is accessed via  Maintenance > Document Management > Document Types.


    Document Types Window Options

    Option  How to Use
    Name Enter the name of the document type.
    Document System Type This is a system created field. The available system types are listed in the drop down. Each system type can only be used once.
    Enabled The default setting for this check box is ticked. This results in the document type being available in the Libraries and Types window.

    The first row of the Document Types window is blank allowing you to enter details for new document types.

    You will only be able to delete a document type from the list if the document type is not in use.


    Libraries and Types
    The Libraries and Types window allows you to link document types to libraries. This means that only relevant document types are displayed when you select a library in Document Management. The Document Types window is accessed via Maintenance > Document Management > Document Types.