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Topics in this Section

  • The Document Types window allows you to create document types and also enable or disable their use.
  • The Employee Filing library type can be used for personnel related document storage. Employees will only be able to access their own documents unless they have reportees. Where an employee does have reportees they will also be able to access documents filed against employees who are below them in the reporting chain.
  • The Libraries and Types window allows you to link document types to libraries. This means that only relevant document types are displayed when you select a library in Document Management. The Document Types window is accessed via Maintenance > Document Management > Document Types.
  • You can link related documents together and specify the relationship between them by selecting from a predefined list of link types.  Add or edit the list of types in Maintenance > Document Management > Link Types.
  • This section allows you to remove old document shortcuts.
  • CCH Document Management follows the standard security model used in CCH Central; this is governed by the use of task permissions.  In addition Document Type security is used to control access to different types of document. Any Data Security by both Client and Assignment, and Team Security that is in place for Central will be adhered to.
  • Various options are available within the maintenance area to setup and activate integration between Document Management and Workflow. The steps you need to take are detailed in this section, and should be followed in the order listed.