Add Document for Client, Supplier or Contact

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    You can add existing documents to a Client, Supplier, or Contact either from within the individual record, or from any of the Find windows. If you are in one of the Find windows you need to select the relevant contact by ticking the selection checkbox.

    Add Document

    1. Click Add Document under CCH Document on the Task Bar. The Add Documents window will open.​​


    Note: The Library field will default to the one relevant to where you opened the Add Documents window. You can change the library using the dropdown selector.

    1. Click the button_AddDocument.png button (or press the F10 key) and select the document(s) that you want to add.

    2. Depending on the defaults that are set for your system some fields will be automatically populated. If there are any mandatory fields (File Name, Contact, Type) not completed this will be highlighted. When all relevant fields have been completed click OK.