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Depending on where you access the Add Documents window from the options will vary slightly. Details of the options on the window are detailed here.



Option  How to Use
Library (mandatory) The documents are saved in the library selected. The library will be set by default based on where you access the window from.

Click the main part of the button (or use the F10 key or Alt and A) to open a file browse window to locate the document(s) to be uploaded. 

Click the button_AddDocument_JustDropdown.png section of the button and select Folder to open a file browse window to locate a folder of documents to be uploaded. 

button_AutoPopulate.png Use to copy the details in the selected row to all other rows. This means that you do not have to enter the same information for each document individually.
GridItem_AddDocument_AttachmentIndicator.png Where this icon is displayed you can click on it to view a list of attachments. You are able to detach these and file them as separate documents or delete them.
File Name (mandatory) Once selected and returned to the add documents window - click into filename section to rename the file prior to upload. Click Description: ellipses button to open a file browse window to locate the document(s) to be uploaded.
Contact or Supplier

Displays the Contact Name. Automatically completed when Add Document is selected from within a Client, Assignment, Employee, Contact or Supplier record.

Type in a code, or part of a name, then [tab] to have the system search for a matching contact.

The dropdown selector will either contain

  • the 5 most recently selected contacts - if the contact field is blank.
  • any associated contacts - if the contact field is pre-populated.

Use the Description: ellipses button button to open the Select Multiple Contacts window which allows you to search for contacts and select one or more. It also contains a drop down for client assignments and so provides a means of profiling a single document against multiple assignments.

Assignment The assignment field is a dropdown containing all the assignments for the selected client. The field is not compulsory and the default value is None
Job Displays the jobs attached to the selected assignment. The field is not compulsory and the default value is None.
Type (mandatory) The Type dropdown allows you to select a document type for the document. This is a mandatory field. Note that the list of types available may be restricted by the chosen assignment and/or security permissions.
Description Enter a short description for ease in identifying the document. The description field is not compulsory. The dropdown selector will hold the last five descriptions used.

By default this field is not displayed. If you want to add it to the the grid, right click anywhere on the grid and select Show/Hide Keywords.

Keywords are custom tags which let you add additional profiling data. Keywords are available in advanced searching.

Click on the Description: ellipses button ellipses button to open the Keywords window. 

File:dm_conversion/dm/060_mtcch-dm-v2012.3-end-user-guide_5/image003.jpg Link Documents Tick to select any documents you want to show as linked. You will be prompted to select the link type when you click OK to upload.
OCR Tick to OCR a PDF document.
Leave Checked Out Will leave the document checked out to you after it is uploaded.
Extra fields The content of these extra fields can be searched and filtered as easily as the document types.
Depending on the Library and Type selected when documents are profiled in the Add Document window, you are presented with a list of extra fields that are applicable.
Click the Extra fields button from the Add Document window to display the extra fields:
The Name column displays the descriptive name of the extra field. Where the field name is in red indicates that this is a mandatory field and must be completed before upload can take place. A warning message is displayed in the main form windows to advise of any mandatory extra fields.
The Value column is where your entries are made either by typing or selecting from a drop down list of choices.
Employee Employee - Click on the Description: ellipses button ellipses button to open the Find Employees window, which allows you to locate the employee that the task should be assigned to. Else choose from the recently used drop down selection.
Action A dropdown list allowing you to choose the relevant action.
Comment Enter a comment that will be attached to the task.
Multiple Tasks The Create Multiple Tasks check box provides a means of generating Multiple Tasks where multiple documents are uploaded and each document requires its own task.

Add Document Tips

To change the client/contact click Description: ellipses button  to open the Select Multiple Contacts window. Click onto the blank row to open the Find Contact window.


When you have completed the meta data click OK to upload the documents. You will be advised when the upload has completed with the Upload Complete dialogue.


If you want to keep or print a list of uploaded documents use the Export to Excel button.


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