What's New 2014.3

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This page highlights the changes to Document Management for this release. 


The key areas of new functionality introduced in this release are:

  • Non-contact document creation - you can now create templates associated with non-contact libraries. These templates can be accessed from the Global Document Centre where there is now a Create option for documents, alongside the Add option.
  • Email Filing now indicates to all users within Outlook if an email sent to multiple recipients has already been filed in CCH Document Management via Email Filing.
  • Send and File - you can now configure the system so that you are prompted to file emails at the point of sending them.​

Note: This feature has been introduced as a replacement for the existing send and file function in the CCH Document Management plugin for Microsoft Office.

  • ​​​​Integration of Portal Message Centre With Document Management -  messages sent and received by Portal, together with approval status for documents, now appear in the Document Centre.  This means a complete record of all client correspondence is available and searchable in a single location.

Software Enhancements

Add Document

Contact Field Population

Where multiple results are returned when searching for a contact, it is now possible to select more than one contact at a time.

Upload Complete

Following requests from Scan users (ITS/50300) we have extended the information shown on the Upload Complete dialogue that is displayed when documents are uploaded using the Add Document window (Advanced Profiling for Scan users).


Use the Export to Excel option if you want to retain a list of uploaded documents by batch.

Create Document

The Create Document option has been added into the Global Document Centre. Using Create Document from here will only allow you to create documents for non-contact libraries.

Email Filing


When you file an email with attachments, and detach those attachments, the meta data for the attachments will automatically be populated with the same details as already populated for the email. In addition, when you upload the files they will be automatically linked with the link type Email/Attachment. If you want to select a different link type then tick the link files check box and you will be prompted to select the link type when the document is uploaded.


In addition we have added the ability to double click on (or drag to) the Filed Details pane to open the Add Document window and file the selected email.

If you send an email to either multiple contacts, or an email address that is associated with more than one contact in the Central database, the Contact field on the Add Document window will show the first matched contact by default. The dropdown will list the other matched contacts.


The Filed Email Details pane is displayed by default at the bottom of the Outlook Preview pane. If you do not want to display this pane there is an option to hide it at the bottom of the Display tab of the CCH Email Filing Options window.

Send and File

With this release we have introduced the ability to Send and File emails. 

Note: This feature has been introduced as a replacement for the existing send and file function in the CCH Document Management plugin for Microsoft Office. With this enabled there is no longer any need to use the Send and File in CCH Document button to file emails. Documents filed using the old plugin will not be recognised by Email Filing, therefore they will not be shown as filed in the Filed Details Pane or have the CCH checkbox ticked.

For more details of the filing options that are available see Email Filing > Tools > Filing.

Home Page Controls

Check Out

To avoid confusion, the Check out option has been removed from the Document Home Page controls. Edit Document automatically checks out the document and opens it for editing.


A print option has been added to the Document Home Page controls. This works in a similar way to printing from Windows Explorer. Tick the selection checkbox for any documents that you want to print and then click the Print button.  Multiple documents can be selected. The selected documents will be printed to your default printer.

Non-contact Filing

Templates can now be created and added for non-contact libraries in the same way as for the client and employee libraries. For a list of merge fields that are available for non-contact library templates see Managing Templates > Merge Fields - Non-contact. 

Along with this we have added a Create Document option into the Global Document Centre.


Portal messages, both received and sent, are now filed automatically in the Client Document Centre.  This enables them to be viewed and searched together with all other client correspondence.

Note: for users to be able to see Portal message conversations within the Document Centre, they will need to be a member of a Security Group which has View access for the Portal Message Document Type. Access is set via Maintenance > Security > Document Security.

We have added a new field, Portal Approval, for use in the Client and Global Document Centres. This column will show the Status of any documents that have been published to portal and require approval. If you want to add this column into your Document Centre view it is available in the Field Chooser.

Where a document is published to portal and requires approval the Portal Approval field will show the status Pending. If the document has been approved then the field will show Approved and if it has been rejected it will show Rejected. Click on the status to open the Portal Approval Status window for more detailed information on the status.

The Portal Approval field has also been included as an option for Advanced Search, along with the Published to Portal field.


Basic Search will now allow you to search on a phrase.

  • If one or more words are entered then the search will return any documents that contain ALL of the words entered as criteria. The words do not need to be together.
  • If one or more words are entered within double quotes then the search will return any documents that contain that phrase.  
  • The two options can be combined to find any documents that contain a phrase AND certain words.

See Basic Search for more information.

System - Maintenance

Maintenance > Document Management > Link Types

We have added a new column into the the Document Link Types window. This column is used to hold the Document Link System Type. This field is not editable and is used by other Central plugins to link documents automatically. You can however change the Name of the link type that will be displayed to users.

Maintenance > Document Management > Maintenance

The temporary files created when viewing a Read Only document and thumbnail files will now utilise the Local Path defined in the Document Management > Maintenance window. (ITS/50201)


A new Central Workflow step has been added which will convert a Word document to an email and send it. To utilise this step in a workflow you need to have email addresses associated with your Central contacts. In addition, if you have not already got SMTP information configured in Central you will need to do this.  See Hints and TipsWorkflow: SMTP Configuration for details of how to do this.

Quality Improvements

The following quality issues have been resolved in Document Management 2014.3.

Create Document

ITS/53258: Incorrect partner shown as signatory

Where the configuration key DMDefaultSignatory is set to 2 (use partner as default signatory) and there are multiple partner records with only one active partner (no end date) the system incorrectly returns the oldest partner in the list who is no longer acting.

ITS/53249: From field user selection resets To and FAO fields back to defaults

Where a user changes the value in the To and/or FAO field(s), then changes the value in the From field, the To and FAO values get reset to the default values.

ITS/52338: Template field issue - Year End does not display the year

When you bring in the field <<YearEnd>> it does not bring in the full date just the day and month. The year is not shown.

Email Filing

ITS/53399: XML data shown when filed email printed

When printing an email filed via Email Filing from within Outlook, there is xml data included in the fields at the top of the email.

ITS/52401: The "To" column in the Sent Items folder is renamed to "Required Attendees"

When the Email Filing plugin is enabled and the Preview Panel is shown, the "To" column in the Sent Items folder gets renamed to "Required Attendees".

Home Page

ITS/53243: My Inbox - All not complete and Assigned by me reporting incorrect count

The Document Tasks home page items for My Inbox - All not complete and Assigned by me are reporting an incorrect count of tasks.

ITS/53217: Complete task no longer works as it used to

When attempting to use the Complete Task option the user is prompted to "Click the task to see a list of available options" and has to open the task to mark it as complete.