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This page highlights the changes to Document Management for this release. 

Release Highlights

The key focus of this release is to improve searching and retrieval of documents in CCH Document Management

  • Performance - Some major enhancements have been made to the way searches are performed to speed up searching and extend the number of records returned
  • Saved Searches - saved searches can now be either public or private
  • Default Searches - users can nominate default search criteria to run when a document centre is opened rather than the most recent documents
  • Additional fields Additional fields have been added to the advance search facility
  • CCH Document Management Plug-in – The old CCH Document Management Plug-in is removed by this update as it is now redundant.

Software Enhancements


In this release, we have enhanced the way that Documents are searched and retrieved to speed up searches and enable more results to be displayed.  We have separated Metadata searching from content searching, which enables us to search significantly more records than we could previously.


Search results are now displayed across multiple pages. 

A hyperlink has been added at the bottom of the Search Panel which shows the number of documents displayed per page.  A count of the total number of records returned is also shown. 

The number of records displayed on each page, together with the total number of records displayed, is set by configuration keys (see System maintenance).  The number of records displayed per page can be overridden by a user to set their own preference. To do this, the user clicks on the hyperlink to open the ‘Number of documents displayed’ window.

The maximum number of documents that can be displayed per page has been set to 10,000.  This is to enable users to perform bulk operations (e.g. create PDF collection or destroy documents) as these operations only apply to documents from an individual page. Bulk operations for documents from different pages will be available in a later release.

Content Search

The behaviour of the Search For field has been changed to limit the search to the document’s File Name and Description by default.  A checkbox has been added under the Search button to enable a user to additionally search the content of the documents for the given value.

The content search is always appended to any existing advanced or quick search filters.  There is a configuration key to limit the maximum number of records to search for content after the filters have been applied (see System maintenance to set configuration key).

The content search limit is applied to the most recently edited documents, therefore if the limit is set at 10000, the filter search will first search the entire database and then order the results by the last modified date.  It then searches the 10000 most recently modified documents that satisfy the advanced or quick search filter criteria for the required content.

When a search is running a progress bar appears at the bottom of the screen and the functions such as check out, check in and edit are locked until the search has completed.

Additional Advanced Search fields

The following fields have been added in the Advanced Search option list and are available for all Document Centres:

Deleted, Archived and OCR Performed fields: The available options are Yes/No.

AutofillStatus: The available options are Processed/Not processed.

Last Modified By: Provides an ellipses button. This button opens the Find Employees search window and allows a search for the relevant employee

Locked By: behaves in the same fashion as Last Modified By.

Locked Date: This field has a date picker or the user is able to manually enter a date.  Other operators such as "is current week/month/year" etc can also be used against this field.  The date picker includes an option for "none" to reset the search to Locked Date equals any value”. 

Last Modified Date: behaves in the same fashion as Locked Date.

Document Format:  The most common Document Formats can now be easily searched upon.  The full list of available formats are:

  • Word Documents - doc, docx;
  • Excel Documents - xls, xlsx;
  • PDF – pdf
  • Text Documents - txt, rtf; Emails - msg, eml;
  • Power Point - ppt, pptx, pps; Images - jpg, jpeg, bmp, tiff, png, gif.

Employee and Supplier Document Centres

Search Panel

The Assignment, Supplier and Employee document search facilities have been redesigned to bring them into line with the Client and Global Searches.

The quick search facility displays the most commonly used fields for each document centre, such that the user only has to put a value next to the appropriate field.  As with the client and global searches, the user can select other fields from the available drop down lists.

Employee/Supplier Quick Search Fields

There are four quick search fields available for the Employee/Supplier Document Centre.  These are Document Date, Document Type, Source and Description.

Assignment Quick Search Fields

The Assignment Document Centre similarly has five default Fixed Fields: Job, Document Date, Document Type, Source and Description.

Saved Searches

We have added new attributes and functionality to saved searches, to enable users to better tailor advanced searching to their requirements.

Public and Private Searches

When saving a search, we have added the ability to save searches as Public or Private.

By default a search is set to Private, which means that only that user will be able to see the search.  There is a permission that needs to be set in order for a user to be able to set or amend a Public Search (Details are contained in the System Maintenance section)

To mark a search as Public, the user should click on the Access dropdown and select Public.

Public option enables an administrator to save searches for general use, e.g. Document Date Is Current Month. Users could then add additional criteria such as Client Manager = Fred Bloggs and resave as a private search for their personal use.


Saved Search Classifications

Searches can now be saved against specific Document Centres, so when opening the list of saved searches, only those that are relevant will appear.  A Doc Centre dropdown has been added at the bottom of the Save Search listing all the document centres. When saving a search, the default value in this field will relate to the open document centre, although it can be overridden. 

In addition there are two further values All and All Contact.  Any search that is saved as All will be visible in all the document centres and may be used for a search such as Document date is current month.  All Contact would be used for a search that is only relevant for a person or organisation and not to non-client filing.

Default Searches

In previous versions, the most recent X documents were loaded when a document centre is opened.  The user can now customise the default criteria used to select the documents loaded on opening

A Default column with a checkbox has been added to the Save search window to enable a user to nominate which search should be performed by default when each Document Centre is opened.  Each Document Centre can only have one default and to change the value, the current value has to be de-selected first.

If no default is set for a document centre, then the documents displayed are in line with current behaviour.

The default search does not have to be a private search, it can be public.  A search attached to All document centres can be set as a default, however if a specific document centre default is also set, that will take precedence.

A Default checkbox has also been added at the bottom of the Save Search window to enable the users to nominate a search as a default at the same time as the search is created.   

When new documents are uploaded or created, the existing search clears and the most recently added documents search is run. This is because the new documents may not satisfy the current search criteria and therefore the user would need to enter new search parameters to find their document if they want to sign off a task on that document or check the filing details.  By displaying most recent documents, the new documents will always be display post upload/creation.

Note: When a default search is loaded, user input to the quick search fields is disabled because the saved searches use advanced filtering.  The user should Clear Search if they want to enter values in these fields.

Email Filing

Default Limits for emails to be filed

We have reduced the default value for AutofileEntryExpirationDays from 30 to 14 days for new users.

When the “Automatically file conversation replies” option is enabled in Microsoft Outlook, when Outlook is re-opened, only emails that have been sent/received whilst offline or outside Outlook (e.g. from a mobile device) within the last 14 days are displayed in the Add Document screen.  .

In addition, If the “Automatically file conversation replies” option is enabled and a reply is received after more than 45 days after the original email was  sent and filed, then the received email will not be filed automatically to prevent unintended emails being attached to conversations or filed incorrectly. This value is set against DaysToCheckForAutofileOnReceive and can be

Both these value can be changed for an individual user by amending the values in the configuration file for email filing.

Filing Duplication of internal emails

In CCH Email Filing Options from Microsoft Outlook, a new optionIgnore internal emails” option has been added.  This option allows emails sent from email addresses set on users in CCH Central to be ignored when automatically filing conversation emails is activated.  This means the email will be filed by the sender but not again by the recipient. The emails can still be manually filed by the recipient if required.

In order to best utilise this feature, please ensure all employee records have their work email address set on their Personal tab

Other Enhancements

Workflow - Personal Tax and Corporation Tax

Workflow has now been activated for upload sources Personal Tax and Corporation Tax, so that documents that are automatically created by these applications can go into a document workflow. 

Paperclip Icon to show email attachments

If a filed email has an attachment, then a paperclip icon field is now available in the field chooser, to show emails that have attachments. 

Note: This will only show new emails with attachments going forward, historic emails will not have this feature

Quality Improvements

The following quality issues have been resolved in Document Management 2015.3

Document Centre WK

ITS 54017 – Tool tip displaying the full content of the Job and Assignment fields in the properties panel 2015.3

When hovering over the Job/Assignment section, a tool tip showing the content in full is displayed.

ITS 54202 - Performance issues with Assignment/Assignment type searching 2015.3

In some circumstances, when performing quick or advanced searches for Assignment or Assignment Type values in the client document centre, this action could take some time.  This has been significantly improved.

ITS 54203 - Excel Crashing if more than one spreadsheet is open 2015.3

If multiple spreadsheets were open and edited, after saving one of them, when trying to close and check in the other one, the document was saved, closed and checked in, but Excel crashed.

Document Creation

Assoc Address should be populated with the primary address of the related contact

The Assoc Address merge field was not being populated. It now populates with the address on the “FAO” contact or the “To” contact if writing to a third party.  If the Primary Address of the related contact is blank, this field will not be populated.


Known Issues

The following are known issues:

Document Centre





System - Maintenance

Old Document Plug-In

The old Document plugin will be removed by the installation of this release.  The functionality of the Watch folder and the Send To are still available via the CCH Document Filing plug-in.   

Document System Types

Aide Memoire and Tax Return Bundle

We have implemented two new Document System Types, Aide Memoire and Tax Return Bundle so CCH Personal Tax users can automatically file documents using these document system types.  The Document types are created under Maintenance > Document Management > Document Types.  For full details on how these new options work please refer to the CCH Personal Tax V2015.3 Release Notes

Bill and VAT Receipt

If a document with Bill Document System Type is destroyed, when that bill is subsequently previewed, a new copy of the bill is uploaded to CCH Document Management.  This will only be necessary if there was an issue when the bill was originally uploaded. 

The VAT Receipt works in the same manner.


Configuration Settings

Two new Configuration Keys are required to control the data that is displayed when searching

DMSearchLimit – This is the number of documents to search for Content

DMMaxDisplayLimit – This is the Maximum No of records displayed when a metadata only search is run.

DMDocsPerPage – sets the default limit of documents displayed per page – this can be overridden by individual user preferences

Note: The old Configuration Keys  AdvancedSearchLimit  and DocCentreDefaultLimit  are only used in email filing when searching for  documents to attach to emails.

Task permission

A new task permission called #Document Centre #Saved Search Save Public has been added, to enable administrators to decide who can save, edit or delete searches for other users to utilise.

Existing Searches

Any existing searches that a user has currently set up will be retained as private searches for that user.

The two default system searches, Documents to be destroyed and Documents to be Archived, need to be re-set up with relevant conditions for your firms policy on document Destruction/Archiving.  An example is shown below.  These would probably then be saved as Public Searches.


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