Repayments (for AP's starting on or before 31/3/2015)

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This section explains how to enter data to complete the Repayments section of the CT600E Charities supplementary pages.


The information is only relevant for Accounting Periods starting on or before 31/3/2015.  

Entering Repayments details 

To access the Repayments data entry area:

  • Click on the arrow alongside the CT600E node in the left hand data navigator to expand the list of options within this area.
  • Click on the arrow on Repayments node in the navigator
  • Select the relevant accounting period.

Complete all the relevant data entry fields relating to Repayments and amounts payable due for the period:

  • Amount already claimed for period using form R68
  • Total repayment/payment due
  • Further repayment/payment due  and Amounts over claimed for period - these amounts will be calculated by the software based upon the amounts entered in the data entry boxes above.
  • Have any of the amounts included in further repayments/payment due been included in R68


Notes can be added to this window and all notes will appear as an appendix to the Corporate Tax computation. Click the click to add notes link at the foot of the data entry area.

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