CT600B Controlled foreign companies (and Bank Levy)

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This explains how to use the CT600B Controlled foreign companies (and Bank Levy) data entry window.

Accessing the CT600B window 

To access a CT600B Controlled foreign companies window:

  • Double click on Tax Return Information node in the left hand data navigator. A list of return and supplementary pages will appear. Alternatively, enter CT600B into the search box situated at the top of the navigator bar.
  • Click on the arrow to the left of the CT600B node in the navigator
  • Then select the relevant accounting period.

Additional navigation to the data entry window can be made directly from the on screen view of the tax return supplementary page.

To view the supplementary pages select to View Tax returns from the Actions panel on the left hand of the screen.


The CT600B supplementary pages will only be shown on screen where there is information already entered in the data entry area

Entering details

  • If the exemption due (if any) field is completed then the data entry for that line is restricted to the Name and Territory of Residence for s749 purpose fields.
  • The bank levy is included in the total of the s747 tax chargeable amount.


Bank levy is not included in the total s747 for accounting periods starting on or after 1/4/2015. The bank levy is shown in Box 495 on page 5 of the main CT600 Tax return  

  • Validations appear if additional data entries are required to be made.
  • If the Ceased in current period box is ticked then the static data (Name, Territory of Residence for S747 purpose and Exemption due (if any) fields will not be carried forward to later periods.ate('MindTouch/Controls/RelatedPages')
  • Accounting periods starting on or after 1/4/2015 - First period foreign permanent establishment exemption applies? - check this box if this is the first period in which a claim to foreign permanent establishment exemption applies.
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