Surrendering losses as Group Relief

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Use this feature for the losses you wish to surrender as group relief.  You should complete this with form CT600C.

Surrendering a Loss as Group Relief

Not all losses can be surrendered as group relief and for those losses that cannot be surrendered this option is not available.

  1. Click Tax planning > Loss Utilisation > AP
  2. To view the maximum available for surrender as group relief, select Show maximums available
  3. Enter the Amounts to be surrendered as group relief in the Group relief surrender column.
  4. To access the Form CT600C, click the Group relief surrender link in the column headerAlternatively click Tax Return Information > CT600C > Surrenders > AP.

  5. To go back to the Loss Utilisation window from the Form CT600C Surrender window, use the links shown in the Loss type reconciliation.  Alternatively click Tax planning >Loss Utilisation > AP.


  • The amount of Excess Capital Allowances to be surrendered can only be made as a manual entry in the Loss type reconciliation in the Tax return information > CT600C > Surrenders > AP window.
  • The Tax return information > CT600C > Surrenders > AP window will show a validation message if the total losses surrendered in this window are not the same as the total losses surrendered as group relief in the Tax Planning > Loss Utilisation window.
  • You will also need to complete Form CT600C to disclose details of the companies for whom the losses were surrendered.  This can be found at Tax Return information > CT600C > Surrenders > AP.  Here is a link to the help notes for this screen in Group Relief - Surrenders.
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