Non Trade Intangible Fixed Assets

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This is to report details of income and losses arising from Non Trade Intangible Fixed Assets.

Entering Non Trade Intangible Fixed Asset Gain/Loss 

  1. Click Intangible Fixed Assets > Non Trade IFAs and then enter a Description of the asset.
  2. Click and enter the Debit/(Credit) contained within the profit and loss account. Enter Costs (debits) as a positive amount and income (credits) should be entered as a negative amount.
  3. Click and enter the Adjustment to arrive at the overall debit/(credit) for the year.  Additional costs (debits) should be entered as a positive amount and additional income(credits) should be entered as a negative amountThe Net gain/loss will be automatically calculated from the entries made in the window.
  4. Click Trade Allocation to allocate the debit/(credit) per accounts to a particular trade if no primary trade has been selected. If a primary trade has been selected then it will automatically be adjusted from the primary trade.
  5. To claim relief for losses go to Tax Planning > Loss Utilisation >


  • For Trade Intangible Fixed Assets any adjustment to the debits and credits shown in the profit and loss account should be included in the Disallowable and other adjustments menu option in the Trade or Property Business.
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