Non Trade Loan Relationship Credits

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The NTLR credits should be entered in this screen.  The overall taxable total of the NTLR credits is carried across to the NTLR summary screen.

Entering Data

The entries should be entered in the grid.

  • Description Each NTLR credit should be entered as appropriate in the screen. 
  • Bfwd This is the amount brought forward for any accrual from the previous Period of Accounts
  • Per accounts This is the amount as shown in the Profit and Loss account
  • Taxable This is the amount taxable in the Accounting Period.  More than one Taxable column will appear if the Period of Accounts straddles more than one Accounting Period.
  • Non Taxable This is the amount of any NTLR credit that is not taxable
  • Adjustment to cfwd The amount shown here will adjust the Cfwd value.
  • Cfwd This is automatically calculated from the entries made in the previous columns


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