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You can use the Central Reporting function to report on fields used within Corporation tax.

You should be read the help guidance contained within Central for additional details on the Central Reporting functionality.

The majority of the field headings are self explanatory but some should not be used in isolation but with others to maximise the functionality.

Field headings additional details

This explains those field headings that are not readily apparant

  • Turnover This should be chosen either by trade or AP but not both
  • Supplementary pages If a supplementary page has been used then this will show as true and all other supplementary pages will show as false.  If no supplementary page has been used then no details will be shown.
  • Status This shows the status of the form CT600
  • Total S455 Relief This shows the potential repayment of S455 tax arising from the repayment of prior POA Participator's Loan
  • Instalment Type This shows the instalments under the instalment regime.  If the company is not within instalments regime then the final tax liabilitiies/payments etc are shown as the final instalment



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