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This section explains how to submit the Return, company accounts and computation to HMRC for approval.

Live submission

Once the Return and associated documentation have been approved for submission by your client you are ready to submit the documents to HMRC.

  1. Select Online filing from the Actions panel in the left hand task bar.
  2. Click on Tax return approved submit to HMRC link 


  1. The submission transfer will begin.
  2. A successful submission will be confirmed with a confirmation message received from HMRC with the associated IRMark.


  1. The submission is now complete. From here you can take the following actions:
  • View submission history - this will provide details of the submission attempts made for the accounting period. You can view the XML, Accounts, Computation and other PDFdocuments that made up the submission.
    • From the submission history window you can Publish the submission documents to CCH Document Management and CCH Portal.
  • No action at this time, close the window
  • Cancel this submission and generate a new one - this option is only available if the system administrator has granted the specific task permission to the security group. 
  • Resubmit this Return to HMRC - this option is only available if the system administrator has granted the specific task permission to the security group. This allows you to resubmit the the same details again which may occur if HMRC records indicate that they have not received the submission. 


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