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You can electronically submit the CT600, Supplementary pages, accounts and computations to HMRC using CCH Corporation Tax.  

Ensure that your organisation has created the appropriate Online filing credentials. click to view help on Setting up online filing credentials.

Topics in this section:

  • It is essential that the return is completed with no underlying errors or exceptions prior to creating the online submission. This will help to ensure the electronic submission of the return and accompanying documents are successful. Data validations will be displayed if there is any error in the data input which will prevent a successful submission.
  • You can create both original and amended submissions. To access Online filing click the Online filing hyperlink in the Actions panel in the left hand navigation panel. Ensure that the appropriate task permission has been set for the security group. There are three essential steps to the creation of the submission: Preparing the return for submission Attaching accounts, computations and other documents Pre-validating the submission
  • The submission will be validated before the IRMark can be created. This means the submission will be reviewed and compared with the documents and rules provided by HMRC.
  • This compares the data held in the application with the data shown on the Form CT600 and the Corporation Tax Computations that have been generated but have not yet been submitted to HM Revenue & Customs.
  • This section explains how to submit the Return, company accounts and computation to HMRC for approval.
  • The section explains how to create submissions where there are multiple accounting periods within a period of account.
  • This section explains how to create and submission an amended submission to HMRC following the first submission to HMRC..
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