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The entries in this window complete Parts 1 and 2 of the form CT600F. The first part of the screen is to enter details of the Tonnage tax information and the second part of the screen is to enter details of the Offshore training allowance.

Tonnage Tax Information and Offshore Training Allowance

The entries in the tonnage tax information for this period match the questions raised on page 3 of the Form CT600F.  The answers to the questions raised should be by placing a tick in the boxes for Yes, No or N/A. The software will automatically limit data entry in the boxes dependent on the entries made in this section.

The entries in the offshore training allowance match the entries shown on the form CT600.  The Offshore training allowance b/fwd will be automatically populated with the amount of the training allowance carried forward from the prior Accounting Period.



Notes can be added to this window. All notes will appear as an appendix to the Corporate Tax computation. Click the click to add notes link at the foot of the data entry area.

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