Adding a Participator

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You can create and add a new participator and select an existing participator.

Add a participator

To create a participator in the CT600A window:

  1. In the summary table area, click in the Name of participator or associate field.
  2. In the next window either:
  1. You can then either:
  1. Click OK to close the window.

Create another Participator

To create another participator either:

  1. In the Detail data entry window, click the arrow button to the right of the Name of Participator field.


  1. Click OK to close this window and return to the Summary table and then  click in the Name of Participator or associate field.

Deleting a Participator

To delete a Participator

  1. Highlight the Participator in the CT600A window
  2. Select the Delete key on the keyboard


Deleting the Participator will delete all associated loan transactions for the Participator as well as the Participator.


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