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You can view information relating to repayments due in the Tax Return Information > CT600 > Main Return Data > Accounting Period. To claim repayments you need to complete page 8 of the CT600 Tax Return. This page tells you how to complete page 8 of the Tax Return.

Enter Small Repayments

Complete this section to advise HMRC providing authorisation in relation to small repayments.  This step is optional. 

  1. On the data navigator select Tax return information>CT600>repayments 

  2. Select the relevant accounting period

  3. In the Repayments window, in the Small Repayments section complete one of the options:

  • Select the Do not repay £20 or less check box if repayments of £20 or less should not be made. 


This box is only relevant to accounting periods starting on or before 1/4/2015.

  • Enter the amount of the repayment you do not want repaid.

Repayments this period

The amount of the overpayments for the accounting period is shown within the bordered section entitled Repayments this period. The system will automatically calculate the amount of the repayment and the source of data that produces the repayment.


This section allows you to claim to surrender all or a part of the repayment to a Group company under S102 FA 1989

  1. On the data navigator select Tax return information>CT600>Repayments

  2. Select the relevant accounting period 

  3. In the Repayments window, in the Surrenders section enter the amount to surrender.

  4. Select the appropriate check box to say if the joint notice is attached or will follow.

  5. Enter an amount in the stop repayment field to advise HMRC of the repayment you do not want repaid until the joint notice is sent .


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