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You can record the number of associated companies for each accounting period within a period of account.

Enter the number of Associates

  1. On the data navigator panel click on Tax return information>CT600>Associates> appropriate accountnig period.

  2. In the Associates window, in the Number of associates b/fwd field/col/row, enter the number of associated companies that existed at the beginning of the Accounting Period (AP). 


Adding the number of associates brought forward only needs to be done in the first accounting period created in CCH Corporation Tax. It will be calculated by the software in subsequent accounting periods.
  1. Alternatively, enter the Number of associates b/fwd override if the number of associates b/fwd from the previous period is incorrect. Set the Tick if Nil box if the number of associates b/fwd are nil.

  2. Enter the number of New Associated Companies in the AP.

  3. Enter the number of any companies that were no longer associated during the AP.

  4. If the full rate of Corporation Tax applies to all profits, select the Full tax rate only check box.

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