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Using the Main Return Data window, you can add the required entries to complete page 1 of the CT600 Tax Return including the necessary settings to ensure that the online filing submission correctly reflects the return being submitted. There is a window for each accounting period within the period of account.

Company Information

This section relates to company information that would appear on page 1 of the return form.

  1. On the data navigator select Tax return information>CT600>Main return data

  2. In the Company information section the Company name is displayed. This is the name of the company used to set up the client in CCH Central.

  3. Enter the Tax district reference code.

  4. If the Tax reference/UTR field is empty  enter the 10 digit number. This may already contain the UTR which is can be completed using the field in the Main tab in CCH Central.

  5. Select Company type. Click the arrow to see the list of company types. It is not mandatory to complete this field on the Return. 


    Company type 4 is no longer used with effect from accounting periods commencing on or after 1/4/2015 

  6. The Registered office address fields are automatically displayed based on the address entered while setting up the client in CCH Central. 

  7. Tick the box Address different from that shown on CT600 notice? if the address is different and you want the registered office address to appear on the CT600 Tax return page 1.

Signatory information

Signatory Information.gif

  1. To update the Signatory Name and Status ensure there is a tick in the check box for Change signatory details.
  2. Enter signatory Name.

  3. Enter signatory Status.

  4. If you want the same name and status to appear on relevant supplementary return pages, select the Use this information on all supplementary pages? check box.

If there are multiple Accounting Periods within the Period of Account, then the name and status should be entered in the first Accounting Period.  The name and status will then be shown in the second and subsequent Accounting Periods.  The name and status will be automatically rolled forward to the next Period of Account.

About this Return

This section allows you to complete many of the check boxes on page 1 of the return including the necessary information concerning the attaching of accounts and computations to the online submission documents.

  • A repayment is due for this return period  - This check box is selected by the system when there is a repayment calculated for the period.

  • Return type - Select this check box if a long version of the CT600 is required and you want to override the system generated Short return. 


Accounting periods on or after 1/4/2015 - this checkbox has been removed as there is no CT600 (Short) Return


  • Accounts and Computations - Click the radio button to indicate if accounts and computations are being attached as a part of the Online submission.

  • To attach a third party computation tick the box Attach third party computation. you will be able to attach the computation during the creation of the Online submission. 


If no accounts or no computations option is selected then select a reason for not attaching accounts or a reason for not attaching computations from the drop down list. This is mandatory to ensure the correct settings are present to ensure a successful submission to HMRC.

Supplementary pages

This section will automatically select the check boxes when the associated supplementary pages have been completed.

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