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Restricted Loss

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This feature is available when there are properties that are subject to restrictive conditions for the relief for any losses made.  The Property Type will have been selected in the Land and Property details as either Non commercial, Other Loss Restricted or Furnished Holiday Letting.

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Data entry

The loss entries are made in the same manner as for the Loss Utilisation within Tax Planning.  Data entries are made as follows

  • Description will be automatically calculated from the entry made in the Land and Property details
  • Bfwd This is manually completed for the first Accounting Period and will be automatically completed with the entry from the Cfwd column in subsequent Accounting Periods.  This value can be manually overwritten in the calculations in this window by using the Bfwd override
  • Net Cap Allowances/charges This is manually completed and represents the individual claim for Capital Allowance for the  property from the overall Capital Allowance claim made within the Property Business.  An entry in this field does not make a claim for Capital Allowances within the Property Business. A claim for Capital Allowances should be made within the Property Business.
  • Adjusted Profit/(loss) This is automatically calculated from the profit/(loss) for AP less capital Allowances.
  • Loss Utilised This will be automatically calculated if the property type is a profit and there are losses Bfwd from earlier Accounting Periods.
  • Net Profit/(loss) This is the value taken forward to the Property income report.  If there is a loss then the profit shown in the report will be 0.
  • Transferred In This is a manual entry
  • No Longer available This is a manual entry
  • Cfwd This is automatically calculated based on the entries made in the other columns.  On roll forward this is taken to the Bfwd column in the next Accounting Period.



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