Trade Loan Relationships

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This is for adjustments for Trade Loan Relationships paid or received.  Non Trade Loan Relationships should be shown In Non Trade Loan Relationships.

Data Entry

The data entry is made in separate windows for Trade Loan Relationship Credits and also for Trade Loan Relationship debits.

Trade Loan relationship Credits

  • Description    Please enter a unique description on each line
  • Per accounts   Please enter the amount shown in the accounts
  • Taxable       Please enter the amount taxable in each Accounting Period as appropriate
  • Non Taxable   This is automatically calculated

Trade Loan Relationship Debits

  • Description Please enter a unique description on each line
  • Per accounts Please enter the amount shown in the accounts
  • Allowable Please enter the amount allowable in each Accounting Period as appropriate
  • Non relievable  This amount is automatically calculated



Notes can be added to this window. All notes will appear as an appendix to the Corporate Tax computation. Click the click to add notes link at the foot of the data entry area.

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