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Tax Relief

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This is where the claim for the additional deduction available for qualifying expenditure is claimed for both limited budget films and non limited budget films.

Data Entry

Data entry is made as follows:-

  1. Total core qualifying expenditure    This is a manual entry
  2. Qualifying Expenditure    This is a manual entry
  3. Additional deductions given for previous periods     This is a manual entry in the first Period of Accounts and in subsequent Periods of Account it is a calculated entry based on entries made in prior Periods of Account
  4. Higher deduction rate?    Tick this to show yes.  This option is only visible when the trade choice is "Film Trade".  For all other trade types this option is hidden.
  5. Additional deduction    This is a calculated amount


tax relief.gif


Notes can be added to this window. All notes will appear as an appendix to the Corporate Tax Computation.  Click the Click to add notes link at the foot of the data entry area.


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