Pre Trading Expenses

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This screen is where you can record details of pre-Trading Expenses and claim relief for these expenses on the commencement of a Trade. The Pre-Trading expenses are shown between the Balance Sheet Analysis and Trading Income in the task bar.

Enter details

Enter the analysis of the pre-trading expenses as appropriate together with the date the expenses were incurred. The data will roll forward to the next Period Of Account unless the Claim/Claim All box has been completed.

Pre trading 2.gif

Claim Relief For Pre Trade Expenses

To claim relief for the Pre-Trade expenses make a tick in the Claim/Claim all box. When this is ticked a Grid Box will appear at the bottom of the screen showing the trades that have commenced in the Period of Account.  You should allocate the Pre-trading expenses to each trade that has commenced as appropriate.

Total allocation.gif

The expenses will then be shown as a deduction as "Pre trading expenditure" within the Trade Summary screen for each trade.


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