Entering Analysis of Additions and Disposals

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Once the Tangible Fixed Asset Summary has been prepared, a detailed analysis of the Tangible Fixed Asset additions and disposals in the Period of Account can be made.

Any entries made in the analysis can then be linked to the capital allowance claims made by the company during the Period of Account, or recorded as non-qualifying assets.

Inserting an analysis

An analysis can only be created against the system generated Additions and Disposals rows within the Cost/valuation section.

  1. Right-click in the blank area to the right of the box which appears around the row description text.
  2. Select 'Insert analysis' in the pop-up menu which appears.

create analysis.gif

  1. The analysis window for the type just created will now be shown. This will be retained within the Data Navigator once data has been entered.
  2. Once assets have been added into the analysis windows, the Additions and Disposals rows will become hyperlinks. Clicking on these will take you directly to the analysis window.

Re-insert Additions and Disposals rows

The analysis can only be created using the Additions or Disposals rows within the Cost/valuation section, therefore these can be reinserted if they have been deleted.

If the Cost/valuation section exists, right-click on the Period of Account start date row within this section and select 'Insert additions row' or 'Insert disposals row'.

If the Cost/valuation section does not exist, right-click on one of the other section heading rows and select 'Insert cost/valuation section row'. The additions and disposals rows can then be created as shown above.

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