Balance Sheet Analysis

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This section explains how to use the Tangible Fixed Assets summary and create an Additions analysisDisposals analysis or Non-qualifying assets record.

Topics in this Section

  • This section explains how to use the Tangible Fixed Assets summary, including how to populate and amend details contained within it. The Tangible Fixed Assets summary can be completed by updating from CCH Accounts Production or by manual entry. If the Tangible Fixed Assets summary is manually completed then there is a choice of layouts: use the standard default template create a new customised template import a previously saved template The Tangible Fixed Assets summary should be completed to reflect the Fixed Asset Note within the company's financial statements. An analysis and reconciliation of asset additions and disposals can be made from the Tangible Fixed Assets summary. The information completed within the Tangible Fixed Assets summary will also automatically populate the Net Book Values window within the Tax Account Summary section, for use in the deferred tax calculation.
  • Once the Tangible Fixed Asset Summary has been prepared, a detailed analysis of the Tangible Fixed Asset additions and disposals in the Period of Account can be made. Any entries made in the analysis can then be linked to the capital allowance claims made by the company during the Period of Account, or recorded as non-qualifying assets.
  • This is where you can record the company's tangible fixed assets which do not qualify for capital allowances.
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