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This section explains the functions available within the Actions panel at the top of the Task Bar.

Actions Panel

The Actions panel contains tasks/functions:                     

  1. Online Filing
  • This navigates to the online filing area where you are able to attach documents to and file your clients' Tax Returns to HMRC.
  • Online Filing displays in a separate tab.
  • The IR Mark version of the Tax Return is available in this area.
  1. View Computation
  • This generates the full corporation tax computation, from where you can view and print the iXBRL tagged computation.
  • The computation displays in a separate tab to the data entry tab.
  • The contents of the computation is displayed in the left hand Navigator panel providing hyperlinks to each computation report for ease of navigation.
  1. View Tax return 
  • This previews the CT600 Tax Return and relevant accompanying supplementary pages for all accounting periods.
  • The Tax Return for each accounting period displays in a separate tab. 
  1. View HMRC help
  • Access HMRC's Corporation Tax PDF help documents.
  1. Update from Accounts
  • This enables you to update the trade information from CCH Accounts Production directly into CCH Corporation Tax.
  1. Notes Summary
  • This link provides you with a summary of all computation notes created for the period of account.
  • When there are any notes present, this link will be displayed in italics.
  1. Publish to Portal
  • This provides you with the ability to publish computations and tax returns to CCH Portal.
  • This link will only be active if you are licenced to use CCH Portal.
  1. Publish to DM
  • This allows you to upload documents into CCH Document Management.
  • This link will only be activated if you are licenced to use CCH Document Management.





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