Working with Dialogue Boxes

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Some data entry screens are presented in separate windows off the main grid. These 'dialogue boxes' are known as 'Inspectors'.

This section provides an overview of this means of data entry and indicates where these will be found. 

Dialogue boxes

  • A number of data entry grids require too much data from the user to fit comfortably within the grid.

  • Clicking in the first cell of each row in the grid generates an additional data collection window (dialogue box).

  • These windows allow the user to input significantly more tax-related information, from which the necessary calculation is made.

  • The original grid is then automatically populated with the relevant tax information from the dialogue box.

  • Dialogue boxes can be generated at:

    • Period of account summary level (and request period of account-specific data only)

    • Accounting period level (where more detail is required)

  • An example of such a 'Dialogue box' is below:

    SLA inspector.png

Where Dialogue Boxes will be found

 The specific screens which generate dialogue boxes are:


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