Accessing Secondary Analysis Screens

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This section details how to access and input data into secondary analysis screens for grids data entry.

Accessing secondary analysis screens

There are two methods to gaining access to these analysis screens:

  1. Click on the details option seen at the right hand side of a row in the grid.

disallowables details for sub analysis.png

This is a conventional hyperlink that provides you with a new screen in which to analyse the values entered in the previous screen.

The new, underlying, screen will also be a grid and data entry follows the same convention as main grid entry, with the exception that there will be no further subanalysis at this level.

  1. Click Control + left mouse click on the highlighted name/text

trade name edit.png

This method applies where the name or description is editable. This occurs in two areas:

  • Trading income (trade name)
  • Capital disposals (asset name)


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