Entering Data into Grids

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CCH Corporation tax makes widespread use of grids for data entry and display.

This section details how to work with these grids.

Entering data into grids

Grids display data in tabular format characterised by rows and columns. The data is displayed in rows with a context-sensitive number of columns containing pre-determined column titles.

  1. Click in the first cell of the grid.

    • You are able to use the tab key to navigate through cells in grids once you are in the first cell.

  2. In some grids, clicking on this first cell will launch a separate window into which you must input your data eg.

    • Short life assets, Other assets, BPRA, Expensive cars.

  3. In most other grids, start inputting data directly into the fields.

    • White fields are editable fields.

    • Grey fields are un-editable and will be automatically populated with system-calculated values.

    • Description fields will allow input of alpha-nmumeric values.

    • Fields with a downward arrow contain a pick list, from which values should be chosen.

    • Date values can be manually entered or input using the arrow to display the date picker.

    • Some grid cells contain a small button  dots.png which allows you to search and select other data from other areas in the software e.g:

  1. Some grids are effectively a summary of data entered into underlying screens. This 'secondary analysis' is accessed separately. 


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