Methods of Data Entry

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This section details how to work with the various screens and data entry methods within the application, as well as how to navigate around the system using short-cut keys rather than relying on the mouse at all times.

Topics in this Section

  • The application contains a number of data entry screen types: Grids Secondary analysis grids 'Inspector' windows. This section details how to work with grids and the underlying secondary analysis grids.
  • Some data entry screens are presented in separate windows off the main grid. These 'dialogue boxes' are known as 'Inspectors'. This section provides an overview of this means of data entry and indicates where these will be found.
  • The way to delete data will vary depending upon the style of data input. i.e. whether the data has been input via a: Grid or Dialogue window Some data will be protected, preventing deletion. Other data can be deleted but may carry warnings.


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