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This feature enables the automatic update of information from CCH Accounts Production to CCH Corporation Tax. To provide for the maximum flexibility the update can be tailored for each client for any period of account.

The settings for the automatic update are made via the Tax Links tab for each client.

CCH Accounts Production Link

To set the automatic update of information from CCH Accounts Production

  1. Tick the box CCH Accounts Production link within the Active links area.


This box will be automatically ticked if the client record was created after the global setting in System parameters are was set

  1. Select one of the links displayed in the Enabled links area.
  1. CCH Accounts Production link - Basic - the following information will be updated . The Trade will be automatically created if it is not present.
  • Turnover
  • Profit and loss before tax per accounts
  • Depreciation
  • Profit & loss on disposal of fixed assets 
  1. Select Update primary trade to ensure that the the information being updated under the CCH Accounts Production - Basic link is shown within the primary trade in CCH Corporation Tax. This is only important if the company has multiple trades and one of the trades is selected as the primary trade.
  2. Select the CCH Accounts Production link - Profit & Lossto update the detailed profit and loss within CCH Corporation Tax. This will mirror the detailed profit and loss seen in the financial statements. The Profit & loss will be automatically created if it does not already exist.


  1. Select the CCH Accounts Production link - Balance sheet to update the Tangible Fixed asset note in Corporation Tax with the information held in CCH Accounts Production. 

  2. The set up is complete. The information will be automatically updated when the period of account is opened.

  3. The setting chosen in one period of account will be retained and carried forward on creation of new periods of account.

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