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to access this area select Maintenance>Tax settings>Corporation Tax. 

Topics in this section:

  • This is a global setting that switches on the capability of CCH Corporation Tax to automatically update information from CCH Accounts Production to CCH Corporation Tax.   Access to this area is only possible if system administrator has granted the specific task permission to your security group.
  • This feature enables you to display the Company's name and UTR at the foot the Form CT600 and supplementary pages. To access this option select area Maintenance>Tax Settings>Corporation Tax>Layout and Formatting.
  • You can add/edit RPI values to the RPI table where their value has not already been pre-populated by CCH Corporation Tax. Any manually entered values will not be retained when the RPI table is next updated by CCH Corporation Tax. Access to this area is only possible if the specific task permission has been set to allow for the security group you belong to. Security and task permissions can only be granted by an individual who has system administrator rights.


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