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Period Management

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  • You can create Periods of Account (POAs) and Accounting Periods (APs) in both new and existing client files.
  • It is not possible to directly delete accounting periods. These can only be edited or deleted as part of the period of account deletion.  Exercise caution while using this feature as all data for the deleted period will be lost.
  • The software offers the flexibility to edit both: Periods of Account (POAs) and Accounting Periods (APs)  You can edit periods at any point during tax return preparation, before sign-off and submission to HMRC. There are certain conditions which apply to editing period dates. Some data is mandatory (warnings will be displayed). Some tax data may be lost (warnings are displayed). Actions can be cancelled at any time before being saved.
  • This section explains what happens when a client's period of account is in use by another user of the software. It also advises on how to unlock the period of account for editing.
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