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Using CCH Corporation Tax, you can export client data to a different database in XML format. 

Exporting a client file does not remove the file from the database - a copy of the selected file is exported to the target location. Only the CCH Corporation Tax data and some CCH Central fields are copied for export. The original file in the database remains accessible (unlocked) and can be updated after the export.


If you are familiar with CCH Personal Tax, it operates in a similar manner to this with similar looking screens.

Export Client(s) data

  1. Click File > CT Import/Export > Export.

  2. In the Select client(s) to export window, search for the client by: 

  • Name: Enter the company name in the Name box or click the Name column header to sort the list alphabetically. 
  • Client Code: Enter the client code in Code or click the Client Code column header to order by number or alphabetically.
  • Use the vertical scroll bar to scroll up and down the list.
  • Group: Enter the name of the Group(s) to filter the list of clients to groups only.
  1. Choose the Client(s) by selecting the check box to the left of each individual Client Code, and then click Next at the right of the bottom menu bar.

  2. To choose All Clients, select the check box to the left of the Client Code column header on the top menu bar.

  3. In the Select export file window, select where you want to save the file to by clicking on either (Click here to select an export file) or (Browse). A new Save As window opens.

  4. Add the File name of your choice and where you want to save the file. The format of the file is selected automatically.

  5. Click Save. The Save As window closes.

  6. In the Select export file window, click Next in the bottom menu bar. The export begins and the window displays the word 'exporting'. Once the export is finished this updates to 'export complete'.  The window shows where the case has been exported to and if the export was successful.

  7. Click Finish in the bottom menu bar.
    The exported data file will be available as an .xml file at the target location you specified.

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