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Using CCH Corporation Tax, you can import a case from a different database - including an older version of the software - for both an existing case and a new case.  

Importing client data will overwrite existing CCH Corporation Tax data but not CCH Central data.


If you are familiar with CCH Personal Tax, it operates in a similar manner to this with similar looking screens.

Import a Client

  1. Click File > CT Import/Export > Import and then Click here to select the file to import or Quit.

  2. In the Open window, select the file and click Open.
    The Select data to import window opens displaying the Client Code and Name.
    If you are importing client data that already exists in the database, the Status displays a warning:
    Warning. This client code already exists in the database


At this point you can click Back to go to the previous window or Cancel to stop the import process and close the Select data to import window.

  1. For an existing case, the data will automatically default to save the data under the existing client code name.  Select and type in the Import As box to overwrite the CCH Corporation Tax data to import it with a different Client Code.

  2. Click Next to import the data. 
    The Importing data window displays the status of the import. When the import has finished, it displays the Import complete window showing the Time, Type and a Message.

  3. Click Finish to complete and exit the window.

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