Editing a Corporation Tax Homepage Control

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Once a Homepage control has been created, it is possible to edit its appearance by customising it. You can:

  • Change the location

  • Re-size the control

Editing CCH Corporation Tax Homepage Controls

In the Task Bar, click Other tasks > Customise homepage. 

The current CT homepage control becomes 'active' and you can make the following changes:

  • Move the control around the screen and place it in a different location,  i.e. left, right, centre, top, bottom.

  • Re-size smaller or larger to accommodate additional homepage controls or for ease of viewing.


The Customise Homepage Toolbox must remain open at all times when editing Homepage controls.

Moving the Homepage Control

  1. Click within the tool bar on the homepage control you want to move.

homepage control_moving.PNG

  1. Holding the left mouse button down, drag the homepage control to your preferred location.

  2. You might need to resize it before or after you have moved it.

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