Opening an Existing Client

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CCH Corporation Tax client files can be found and accessed using:

  • Central search or

  • CCH Corporation Tax homepage control.

Open an existing client using CCH Central

  1. To open an existing client via CCH Central, follow this link: finding a contact or client record.
  2. Then create a new period of account

Open an existing client using CCH Corporation Tax homepage control

  1. If the homepage controls are not already displayed, click the Home button in the main toolbar.

  2. From the CCH Corporation Tax homepage control, navigate to your required client by:

  • Searching for Code, Name or UTR. These options filter the client list down to only those containing the criteria you have entered.


  • Scrolling manually through the list using the vertical scroll bar on the right of the control.

  1. On the results list, click the required client file to open the Tax Returns tab.

  2. From here, open the Tax Returns by clicking the Period of Account link or Create a new period of account.

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